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Last Updated: 28th December 2023

Staying Updated

We understand that staying informed about visa regulations is crucial for your peace of mind and career planning. Here you can find the recent changes announced by the UK Government regarding Skilled Worker visas.

You must attempt to avoid speculation! In other words, do not be guided by ‘what a friend has told you’, ‘what you see on YouTube’ etc etc, nor what you might read and misinterpret on the many forums and articles pertaining to these changes. As and when the updates to these announcements are published our Immigration Advisers, Five Star International, will advise and we will keep you aware of developments which may affect you.

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What’s Changing?

The UK government has announced an upcoming increase in the general salary threshold for Skilled Worker visa applicants to £38,700.

However, it’s important to note that these changes are not immediate. Until the Immigration Rules are officially amended, the current salary and Minimum Income Requirement thresholds will remain in place. The changes are scheduled to come into effect in the ‘Spring’ of 2024 but no firm date has yet been confirmed.

We know that any change can bring uncertainty, so we want to provide clarity directly from the source. On 20 December 2023, Tom Pursglove, MP, responded to an inquiry from Mr. Clive Betts, MP, about how these changes would affect current Skilled Worker visa holders.

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Key Points

Candidates currently in the UK on the Skilled Worker Route or those whose applications are submitted prior to the rule changes
Your existing status is not affected. You will not be affected by the new £38,700 salary threshold when seeking to extend your stay or settle in the UK.


For individuals already in the UK as Skilled Workers and who need to either change their sponsored employer or extend their current visa with the same employer, the upcoming changes will not impact your application even if made after the new threshold is introduced.


The new earnings threshold will also not be applicable to those already in the Skilled Worker route or those who have applied before the changes are implemented when it is time for them to apply for indefinite leave remain in the UK.

Please note: There was a recent update announced which specifically related to income for those applying for their Spouse/Partner on the Family Route. This has absolutely nothing to do with candidates on the Skilled Worker Route – please ignore this.

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If you’d like any further clarity or information please reach out to your HR Consultant.