What to expect from Recruitment Solvers and global recruitment.

What is global recruitment?

Global recruitment is the process of hiring candidates from different parts of the world for job opportunities that exist throughout the United Kingdom.

Why should I choose Recruitment Solvers?

It’s simple – with our unrivalled knowledge, expertise and contacts, we provide a solution tailored specifically to your needs. First-class customer service is at the heart of all we do, and so each business receives a truly personalised experience.

Why would recruiting skilled overseas workers be good for my business?

Recruiting a multicultural workforce from around the world offers your business a selection of specialist skills and workers that can be hard to find in the UK. Skilled migrant workers can not only solidify your business now, but help to transform and enhance it in the future.

How does global recruitment differ from local recruitment?

Global recruitment involves sourcing candidates from all over the world and often requires specific language skills and knowledge of local cultures – all of which we’re on hand to help with. Local recruitment focuses on finding candidates in a specific location, thus sometimes limiting your search.

Can I recruit skilled workers from outside the UK?

To employ skilled overseas workers, you’ll need a Home Office-issued A-Rated Sponsor Licence. With this, you’ll be enabled to recruit migrant workers from across the world. Without this Licence, you’ll be limited to who you can employ.

Our sister company Five Star are experts in all aspects of Sponsor Licence and Compliance, guiding you through the application itself and incorporating training to ensure you maintain your Licence when granted.

How long is a Sponsor Licence valid for?

A Sponsor Licence is valid for four years and Sponsors can renew their licence three months before the expiry date.

How can companies ensure diversity in their global recruitment efforts?

Companies can ensure diversity in their global recruitment efforts by setting diversity goals, actively seeking out candidates from diverse backgrounds, and providing equal opportunities for all applicants.

What is the best way to source candidates for global recruitment?

The Recruitment Solvers team uses the best methods to source candidates for global recruitment, including integrating job boards, social media campaigns, bespoke advertising and employee/candidate referrals allowing us to use a multi-channel approach.

What role do technology and automation play in global recruitment?

Technology and automation can help streamline the global recruitment process, including using AI-powered tools to screen resumes and schedule interviews across different time zones.

How important is employer branding in global recruitment?

Employer branding is crucial in global recruitment. It helps companies stand out to potential candidates, particularly in competitive job markets, ensuring the best possible results for your recruitment efforts.

What are some tips for conducting successful virtual interviews during global recruitment?

Always test your technology beforehand, prepare all interview questions in advance, and be mindful of cultural differences in communication styles.

If you have never used a virtual interview style, don’t worry. A member of our HR & Recruitment Team is always on hand during your virtual interviews.

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