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Introducing the Recruitment Solvers team. We share a passion for connecting people with positions on a global scale, ensuring an individual experience for both employers and candidates.

Kate Binnie
Kate Binnie Director

Kate, a seasoned businesswoman with a strong professional sales background, embarked on an extraordinary journey alongside her husband DJ. They decided to take a break from the conventional and set sail across the vast Atlantic Ocean aboard their beloved vessel, Hello World. For several years, they embraced life on board, sailing in the Caribbean and South America. Eventually, their voyage led them back to the mountains of southern Spain, and in 2016, they returned to their roots in Scotland.

Upon her return, Kate joined forces with her brother and sister, who serve as the esteemed Directors of Five Star International. Together, they collaborated on various ventures, channeling their collective expertise. Recognising an opportunity in the market, Kate played a pivotal role in establishing and managing the operations of Recruitment Solvers.

Kate’s unwavering dedication to exceptional customer care serves as the cornerstone of her approach. With a fervent passion for ensuring the utmost satisfaction of both employers and candidates, she guides each member of her team to work closely with all parties involved. By fostering meaningful connections and understanding the unique needs of both employers and candidates, Kate and her team consistently deliver outstanding results for everyone involved.

Adam Shafaatulla
Adam Shafaatulla IT & Marketing Manager

Meet Adam, a dedicated student currently pursuing his studies in Computer Science at the University of Glasgow. His passion for IT and computing extends far beyond the classroom, making him an invaluable asset to the team. Adam’s deep-rooted interest in the field has led him to contribute not only to technical aspects but also to various other facets of the company.

As a highly valued member of the team, Adam actively participates in every step of the business. His proficiency in IT and computing empowers him to leverage technology and optimise recruitment processes for greater efficiency.

Adam’s collaborative spirit shines through his close collaboration with the team. By actively engaging with colleagues, he plays a key role in ensuring the seamless functioning of the organisation. His dedication to teamwork and his willingness to go above and beyond contribute to the overall success of the team.

With his passion for IT, computing expertise, and exceptional teamwork skills, Adam consistently brings a positive and proactive approach to his role. His contributions enhance the recruitment process and help foster a thriving organisational environment.

Swati Shukla
Swati Shukla Talent Acquisition Consultant

Swati is a highly accomplished professional with an MBA in International HR & Management from a prestigious university in India. Her pre-baby career was marked by her unwavering passion for her chosen field, where she played a key role in identifying, recruiting, selecting, and training candidates for diverse vacancies. Swati’s expertise encompassed all aspects of the recruitment process, making her a well-rounded professional in her domain.

One of Swati’s greatest assets lies in her diverse experience of being immersed in different cultures across various countries. These experiences have endowed her with invaluable insights and a deep understanding of cultural nuances, making her exceptionally adaptable. Swati’s real-life encounters and interactions have shaped her ability to navigate and thrive in diverse environments.

With her comprehensive skill set and the ability to seamlessly connect with people from diverse backgrounds, Swati is well-equipped to excel in any professional setting.

Lily Huang
Lily Huang Senior Recruiter

Lily’s journey began with Five Star 20 years ago when her husband sought our sister company Five Star’s assistance to come to this country. With a shared vision of a settled life, Lily accompanied him on this transformative journey,

As first employee of Five Star, Lily dedicated herself to recruitment, working tirelessly to connect talented individuals with promising opportunities. However, as Five Star expanded its services to include immigration support, Lily’s role evolved to become one of the organisation’s most valued caseworkers.

Now back in the realm of recruitment, Lily’s diverse experiences and deep understanding of the immigration process make her an invaluable resource for those embarking on their own journeys. There is no one better equipped to answer questions, provide guidance, and navigate the path ahead than Lily. Her passion for helping others and her personal connection to the process make her an empathetic and knowledgeable advocate for those seeking new opportunities.

Amneet Saini
Amneet Saini Recruiter

Amneet is an experienced professional with a decade of expertise in HR operations, backed by an MBA in Human Resources from India. She has a solid background working with leading IT companies and hospitals, managing various HR tasks including candidate selection, payroll, appraisals, talent management, and overseeing induction, training, and exit processes.

Known for her composed demeanour, Amneet effectively handles challenges, ensuring smooth and successful project execution. Her ability to deliver excellent results and build trust with stakeholders makes her an invaluable asset to any organisation.

Outside of work, Amneet is a devoted wife and mother based in Faridabad, India. She also has a passion for cooking in her spare time.

Fiona MacLennan
Fiona MacLennan HR & Admin Manager

With years of dedicated service as a Senior Manager at a leading Payroll company, Fiona brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of excellence to our team at Recruitment Solvers. Renowned for her exceptional abilities and efficiency, Fiona has mastered the art of managing with a seamless blend of leadership and collaboration.

Fiona’s career is a testament to her strong administrative skills and her commitment to achieving results. Her approach is always strategic and thoughtful, ensuring that every project she undertakes is executed with the highest level of professionalism and precision.

At Recruitment Solvers, Fiona applies her extensive knowledge and experience to enhance our operations, offering innovative solutions and fostering an environment of continuous improvement. Her ability to anticipate needs and streamline processes makes her an invaluable asset to our team and clients.

Fiona McGinley
Fiona McGinley Administrative Support

Fiona, affectionately known as Fi, brings a unique and varied background to our team with over two decades of experience in government and private sectors. Her journey began with a distinguished 20-year tenure at HMRC, where she honed her skills in organisation, regulation, and public service.

Seeking balance and personal fulfilment, Fi took a career break to focus on raising her two wonderful children. She then transitioned back into the workforce, adapting her considerable skills to the real estate industry, where she spent six years with an Estate Agents, further diversifying her experience and knowledge.

The unexpected challenges of Covid led Fi to prioritise health and family, during which time she embraced the joys of companionship with a new furry friend. This period of reflection and reconnection prepared her for her next chapter.

Fi is now an integral part of our team, contributing her extensive experience and adaptable skill set to our general administrative operations since October. Her part-time role allows her to balance professional contributions with personal well-being and family life. Fi’s resilience, diverse background, and warm, approachable nature make her a cherished member of our team and a reliable asset to our operations.

Navya Prabhu
Navya Prabhu Senior Administrator

Meet Navya, a talented professional based in Bangalore, India. Navya holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Computer Science, showcasing her strong educational foundation in the field.

Navya’s skill set combines administrative expertise with a strong grasp of IT, making her an invaluable asset to the team. She seamlessly provides support to her colleagues in the UK, ensuring smooth operations and effective collaboration. Additionally, Navya plays a crucial role in fostering and maintaining positive relationships with our global candidates, contributing to a cohesive and inclusive recruitment process.

One of Navya’s standout qualities is her calm and organised approach to her work. Even in the face of a potentially frantic working environment, she maintains composure and ensures that tasks are executed efficiently and effectively. Her ability to stay focused and composed under pressure greatly contributes to the overall productivity and success of the team.

With her strong administrative skills, IT acumen, and exceptional ability to navigate global relationships, Navya brings immense value to the organisation. Her dedication and contributions significantly enhance our ability to deliver high-quality service to both our colleagues and candidates worldwide.

Preeti Metha
Preeti Metha Administrative Support

Preeti Mehta, based in Punjab, India, is a distinguished professional with an extensive background in management and administration. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and has further advanced her education with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the esteemed Chandigarh Group of Colleges, also situated in Punjab.

Throughout her career, Preeti has acquired significant experience in IT and human resources. Her professional journey commenced at Huawei Academy, a reputed institution known for enhancing student skills in information technology. In her role as an Administrator, she played a crucial role in streamlining processes and contributing significantly to the academy’s operational efficacy.

Progressing in her career, Preeti ventured into human resources and administrative executive roles, where she excelled in managing comprehensive databases of candidates, meticulously scheduling and organising CVs, and ensuring the flawless execution of monthly reporting. Her dedication and systematic approach have been central to the smooth operation of these departments.

Currently, Preeti is applying her extensive skill set at Recruitment Solvers, where she delivers invaluable Admin Support. Her proven track record in administration and her commitment to excellence make her a pivotal member of the team.

Preeti Rawat
Preeti Rawat Senior HR Consultant

Preeti is a highly accomplished professional, having obtained her CWA qualification from the prestigious Indian Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India. With over thirteen years of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Preeti’s true strength lies in her exceptional ability to value her clients. By closely working with them, she ensures their needs are met promptly and effectively. Preeti takes great pride in fulfilling commitments and promises made to her clients, leaving no stone unturned to provide them with timely assistance and support.

As part of her responsibilities, Preeti plays a pivotal role in collating and validating the documents received from clients. Her meticulous approach and attention to detail allow her to perform thorough compliance checks, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met. With her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Preeti excels in her role. Her expertise and her dedication to providing exceptional service make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh HR Consultant

Pragya, is an accomplished professional based in Delhi NCR, India. Pragya holds a Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree from Pune University, showcasing her strong educational foundation in the field.

Pragya’s primary goal at work is customer satisfaction. With a keen understanding of client needs and a proactive approach, she goes above and beyond to ensure that customers receive exceptional service and support. Her ability to build strong levels of trust with stakeholders is a testament to her professionalism and dedication.

Pragya thrives in a high-performance environment, where she can channel her drive and dedication towards delivering tangible business outcomes. With her strong work ethic and a focus on results, she embraces methodologies that maximize efficiency and effectiveness in achieving organisational objectives.

Pragya’s dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with her drive and methodology-driven approach, make her an invaluable asset to any team or project. Her passion for delivering exceptional outcomes and her ability to foster trust with stakeholders contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

Navjit Saini
Navjit Saini HR Consultant

Navjit is a highly accomplished professional based in Chandigarh, India. Navjit holds an MBA in International Business from the prestigious University Business School at Punjab University. With his impressive educational background, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Previously, Navjit honed his skills and gained invaluable experience working with one of the largest business groups globally, the Aditya Birla Group. In his role as Deputy Manager (Operations and Customer Service), he successfully managed various aspects of operations while ensuring exceptional customer service delivery.

Navjit’s extensive career in customer service has equipped him with the skills necessary to provide the highest level of support to clients. Recognising the importance of maintaining excellent service standards, he brings his wealth of experience to our organisation. With a natural ability to connect with clients, Navjit believes that his personality and aura foster genuine connections, leading to long-lasting client relationships.

Through his innate understanding of customer needs and his ability to build rapport, Navjit is dedicated to delivering the best possible service to our valued clients. His presence in the organisation enhances our ability to provide personalised and exceptional customer experiences.

With his impressive professional background, commitment to customer service excellence, and innate ability to connect with clients, Navjit plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing our organisation’s service standards. His contribution ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional support and build strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

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