Cost of sponsoring a Skilled Worker

The UK’s main work visa route is called Skilled Worker. We’ve set out the various costs of a Skilled Worker application below. There are some exceptions to some of the fees (for example, those who are switching, international students, etc.) but these are the main ones that will apply to most workers.

Immigration Skills Charge

This is essentially a tax levied on businesses for employing foreign workers.

For a small business sponsor or charitable sponsor, the Immigration Skills Charge is £364 for the first year and £182 for each additional six months. So, the cost of sponsoring someone for three years would be £1,092.00.

For a medium or large sponsor, the charge is £1,000 for the first year and £500 for each additional six months. The cost of sponsoring someone for three years would be £3,000.00.

These fees cannot be passed onto the skilled worker.

Visa application fee and Immigration Health Surcharge

The Home Office recently announced significant increases to be made to Visa and Associated Fees.

The Visa Application Fee increased on the 4th October 2023 and is reflected in the figures below. The increase of the Immigration Health Surcharge is has now been confirmed to take place on 6th February 2024.

Current UKVI fees per applicant:

Visa application fee:

  • Entry Clearance: £719.00
  • In Country:  £827.00

Immigration Health Surcharge

  •  £3,105.00 (£1,035.00 per year over the 3-year visa period)

The above fees are paid by the migrant.


Summary of Who pays?

It is standard practise the migrant pays their Visa Application and Immigration Health Surcharge fees at the time of submission of their application directly to the Home Office.

They also pay the Recruitment Solvers fee, minus the agreed placement fee paid by the sponsor. The sponsor can, for example, pay a portion or all the RS fee on the migrant’s behalf and if they wish, arrange to deduct this from their salary over an agreed period when they start their employment.

Note that sponsors cannot lawfully pass the Immigration Skill Charge on to individuals.


Type of FeePayable ByAmountPayable to
Fee to assign CoS to a Skilled Worker Employer£239.00UKVI at time of issuing CoS
Immigration Skills ChargeEmployer - classed as Small (this cannot be passed to the migrant)£1,092.00 (3-year visa)UKVI at time of issuing CoS (refunded in full if Visa application is not successful)
Employer - classed as Large (this cannot be passed to the migrant)£3,000.00 (3-year visa)
Visa Application FeeMigrantIn Country - £827.00UKVI at time of Visa Submission
Entry Clearance - £719.00
Immigration Health SurchargeMigrant£3,105.00UKVI at time of Visa Submission (refunded in full if Visa application is not successful)


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